Paymenter - Discord linked roles

What is this?

This extension allows you to give your customers a role after they have paid for a product. This is done by linking their Discord account to their account on your website. This extension is made for the Paymenter.


User in chat:


Linking Paymenter -> Discord

(To grant a user the role, they must click on "Linked Roles" from the server's context menu in Discord.)


How to install

1. Download using composer:

composer require corwindev/paymenter-discordlink

ATTENTION! If you already have Discord login set up in your panel, skip steps 4 and 5.

2. Go to and create a new application.

3. Access the newly created application, go to the Bot tab, and create a new bot. Copy the received token and save it in a secure place.

4. Navigate to the OAuth2 tab and add a new "Redirect" with the value https://yourDashboardDomainHere.example/linkedroles/callback.

5. After confirming the changes, open the General Information tab, scroll down, and paste https://yourDashboardDomainHere.example/linkedroles into the LINKED ROLES VERIFICATION URL field.

6. Add your bot to your server using the Url Generator from the OAuth2 tab.

7. Run the following command in the terminal:

php artisan discord:link

Then follow the instructions in the terminal.

8. Create a role on your server and go to the "Links" section to add a new requirement. You will see a list of social platforms followed by Your Application. Choose Your Application and select the requirements you prefer.


To display a badge next to a person's nickname as shown in the screenshot below, you need to add the role in the permissions of the chosen Discord channel.


To grant a user the role, they must click on "Linked Roles" from the server's context menu in Discord.


9. Done!

10. Leave a star on the GitHub repository if you like this extension!

Discord Linked roles


Allow your customers to get a role when they bought something!

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